What is your parking arrangement like?

Our property features an open lawn directly in front of the theatre and a sister grassy lot (also vacant) located directly across the street from the theatre. Both are open for public parking arrangements on show nights. A paved loop exists leading to our front door for loading and unloading patrons needing additional assistance. However parking is not allowed on the paved loop for the safety of all on property. There are no additional fees for parking.

NOTE: Due to our parking arrangements, there are no specified handicapped parking locations.

We highly encourage all patrons to arrive early to ensure the most comfortable and accessible parking availability.

When does the theatre open to the public?

On show nights, the lobby and box office open to the public beginning one hour prior to the announced curtain times. Seating in the house begins a half hour prior to curtain time. The only exceptions to these rules are on opening night receptions, at which time the lobby (but not the box office) is open 1 1/2 hours prior to curtain time for refreshments and social opportunities.

Do you offer refreshments?

Yes! General refreshments --- sodas, coffee, water, chips, cookies, candies, etc. --- are available at our refreshment stand in the lobby, offered on a donation-only basis (suggested donation: $1/item). Alcoholic beverages are not offered as part of the regular refreshments, with the exception of an open wine bar for opening night receptions, again offered on a donation-only basis.

NOTE: Food and drink (except water) are not allowed inside the auditorium.

What is the dress code for your venue?

The Melon Patch Theatre is a community-based performing arts venue. As such, we are not a mandatory formal wear location (i.e. suit and tie / black tie not required). Please bear in mind, however, that we do cater to families in our audiences, so social setting-appropriate attire is appreciated.

What restaurants are located near the theatre?

If you are planning to make an evening of dinner and a show while in the Downtown Leesburg area, we recommend you visit for menu listings, hours, and contact information of various eateries nearby. The Melon Patch currently does not partner with specific establishments.