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Feb 15-17, 2019


Written by Thomas J. Kline

Jingy Richards is a young man having an existential crisis, and not just because he’s under cross-examination in the hereafter following a recent suicide attempt!

His fiancée walked out on him and rebounded faster than he could imagine. His stoner friends have failed at each attempt to get him back in the game. He’s since been fired from his already dead-end job. And now he’s not even sure what to believe in anymore . . . or if there’s anything worth believing in anymore.

A new one-act play from awarded local playwright Thomas Kline, The Lighter Side of Suicide is equal parts laugh-out-loud comedy and profound reflection, examining our manic modern existence through the grey yet colorful lens of one conflicted soul and what makes his life both devastating and ultimately meaningful.

[R] for strong language, drug use, adult situations, and thematic elements

Produced by special permission with the author